Sangeetha in de prijzen

Our young leader and street champion Sangeetha received Young Achiever Award presented by Raindropss Women Achievers Award 2018 on 10th March 2018. Her powerful expression and her genuine heart is what makes her special. We are humbled by her gesture and grateful acknowledgement. That makes us dedicate even more despite the odds we face.

Sangeetha received an award in sports, category football. She was rescued from child labour and helped by Karunalaya to contine school. She passed her public exam despite her life in the street. She is also a football star who went for the homeless world cup in Scotland. She will be part of Team India at the Street child world cup, in Moscow in May 2018.

One of the spectators remarked: A few days back I attended the 'Raindrops Women Achievers Award' event. There was this young girl Sangeetha who received an award under the sports category. She has played football at the Homeless World Cup at Glascow about a year back.

She is a street dweller, and just the way as it happens in most cases, her father had abandoned the family.
On that day, after receiving the award, she gave a beautiful speech and said something that left us shaken up. Street children ah Madhinga (respect street children) she said. Such depth of meaning. Respecting a fellow human being doesn't cost us a penny.
It may not be possible for many of us to render any help to the underprivileged. But respecting every one we come across is the very basis of human existence.
By showing disrespect we could be shattering the self esteem of fellow humans, ripping them down of their dreams and making them feel reduced to objects of ridicule.

Sangeetha also mentioned that her ambition was to become an IAS officer so that she could help children like her. Hope her dreams grow wings and she is, some day able to sit back and reminisce her childhood struggles with a faint smile.