St. Joseph’s Hospital

In the small villages of Andhra Pradesh, good healthcare is a scarce commodity. St. Joseph’s Hospital, a clinic in Kamalapuram, provides care in the villages around this town and especially to the inhabitants of the ‘colonies’, the parts of the villages where dalits (untouchables) live. For 13 years the driving force behind this clinic was the nun and nurse sister Nirmala. In 2014 Nirmala left and her work was carried on by sister Leo. They both belong to the religious order of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph.

Since the year 2000 Amaidhi Foundation has made the St. Joseph's Hospital better equipped for its task. The clinic is provided with sufficient medicines, (nursing) materials and equipment. Cordaid and the Anton Jurgens Fund have supported this project with financial contributions.

Sister Nirmala has also bought generators to cope with the consistent power failures. In addition she also received medicine, a new facility for her delivery room (she is also a midwife), salary for health care assistants in the villages who she has trained and supervises, a kitchenette for visiting family of patients, and resources for renovation of the roof of the clinic and a rainwater storage.

In 2008, the multiannual plan that we made for the clinic was completed with the purchase of a new jeep for St. Joseph's Hospital. On that occasion, a final report was published.

Amaidhi still supports the health workers who were trained by sister Nirmala. We also work together with the Belgian Foundation Future for Sale that supports pupils from poor families who visit the local school. The girls stay at the boarding school for girls on the grounds of St. Joseph's Hospital. The boys at the boys boarding school of the Church at the opposite side.

In 2013 the Thomas Construction Projects Foundation has built a new toilet building for the boarding school girls. Our Foundation has given a substantial financial injection to this building project.

For an overview of the support Foundation Amaidhi has given so far to St. Joseph's Hospital, please click here.