Under the name Marialaya, the sisters of Don Bosco in Chennai give shelter to girls who roam the streets or leave the villages to move towards Chennai and are there in danger of ending up in prostitution.

Marialaya is quartered in the oldest part of Chennai, Georgetown. The sisters live and work in the shelter for girls. That consists of a day care and a night shelter for children who really have no other place to stay. The construction of this Center was also supported by the Dutch Foundation “Wilde Ganzen”.

Amaidhi played a mediating role in getting this support. Obviously we have viewed the result of all the construction activities. And that is up to the mark: it has turned out to be a beautiful and spacious building, a true relief for the girls who have lived in the gutter. The mediation for Marialaya is a one-time event for Amaidhi. As Foundation, we have not adopted the project.