Brief van sr. Nirmala

Kamalapuram, 10-10-2009

Dear Loving Peter, Dilia,

Greetings from sr. Nirmala. Our nearby district Kurnool is affected very much by the unexpected water flow that destroyed so much wealth of the people. Their basic needs and necessities are wiped out by this water and people are suffering much without their houses, cattle, water to drink, food, clothes, etc.

Around Kamalapuram (waar sr. Nirmala is gestationeerd) 23 villages are affected but not to such an extent as in Kurnool. Here there are some houses washed away and some lost their crops. So our people have escaped from the most dangerous situation. We went with our health workers to our villages and provided clothing, vessels and whatever was possible for us.

Government says it will provide some money for the crops and the repair of the houses. It is providing some food stuffs, water to drink, and also some volunteers came to help the people. Some media people are doing good works too by sharing the clothes, vessels, food items, equally to all the sufferers.

We went with them and gave stuff to them to share equally to those who are in urgent need. Nearby the Kamalapuram riverside many people were in need of clothes. Those are given by us and many volunteers like us. Some of the migrated people from the worst affected areas are staying here and longing for some more vessels and clothes.

Many of the government doctors, nurses and our health workers participate to work for their health and do the good works. They are saving many of the gastro enteritis patients (maag-darmontstekingen) from the serious situations. People are not having higher problems as the volunteers are working very well to take care of their all the needs. They are in recovering stage of the life. Government has promised to take care of other big items, such as houses, cattle, etc.

The government nurses are co-operating with our health workers very well as our workers have very good medicines in the hand and we do our best to help the people in time.
We were not having the proper phone line and electricity supply due to this heavy calamities. We are all shocked by our poor brethren who suffered this heavy loss.
So far no buses are going to Kurnool (ten noorden van Kamalapuram) from Cuddapah. It may take some more days to clear the roads. Now they are doing some clearances to leave the buses in the roads to travel easily.

Near by Guntur, and Vijayawada , Krishna river floods affected lots of people. Please help them as much as possible dear. Thanking you a lot for all your great helps and understandings dear. Cuddapah district (waar Kamalapuram ligt) is less affected than Kurnool. Here only 23 villages are affected. Whereas in Kurnool 90% of the people are affected, which is an even more horrible situation than in Guntur and the Krishna river districts. In Kurnool rich and poor landed up in the same condition as they have lost all their wealth at a time as they did not expect the water from Karnataka.

Thanks a lot for all your sorrowful sharings of our brethren dear. Help us as much as possible to provide clothes and vessels, food stuffs, etc. dear.

Yours truly, Sr . Nirmala.